We believe that the future of architecture lies in an open and responsive dialogue with people, culture, and academia. This understanding of the fundamental importance of the links between architectural practise and wider society drives our commitment to a range of social and cultural projects.


Cultural commitment

In 2000 Ingo Pott and his partners – photographer Stephan Erfurt and designer Marc Naroska – founded the exhibition forum C/O Berlin, a unique insitution in Germany, presenting a programme of international repute.  Supported by the partners and their committed team, C/O Berlin promotes the dialogue between architecture, design and photography with photo exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Visual education

C/O Berlin's Junior Programme offers children and adolescents the opportunity to get to know architecture, photography and design in a playful manner and to develop their visual perception. Visits to artist‘s studios, architectural and design practices form an integral part of the workshops that is supervised by professional pedagogues.

Dialogues on building culture

Regular project reviews enable Pott Architects to develop projects rigorously in multidisciplinary teams of experts. In doing so, the designs of Pott Architects receives important impulses from the most diverse fields of knowledge and research and are able to make a serious contribution to building culture.