Abano Gate

Abano Gate . Panoramic City Gate

Housing . Hotel
Stage 1-3 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Tbilisi . Georgia
Shaping the future

Project Pager

Uniquely situated between the continents of Asia and Europe, Tbilisi has for centuries been a centre of cultural and ethnic diversity, innovation and lively commercial exchange. Visitors and guests approaching from the airport are guided by this iconic building as the new point of entry into the inner City of Tbilisi.

The project acts as a generator for the redevelopment of the surrounding urban quarters by linking the riversides with a new bridge and introducing public spaces along the riversides. Living along the riverside has been a strong tradition in Tbilisi which was lost during the past thirty years and is recreated in this project. Targeting a sustainable use of natural resources, the river water and hot underground springs are used for heating and cooling of the tower and adaptable facades are designed to maximize daylight as well as minimize solar impacts.

Respect for the historic landmarks in the Skyline and the wide range of panoramic views of the historic City shape the appearance of the tower which is characterised by a sensitive contemporary design inspired by local identity. The new gate to the City of Tbilisi.

Shaping the future means having a vision of combining form, function and responsibility in a sustainable way. Ask me.

Jan Przerwa . Project Architect