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Bad P1 . Functional monoliths

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Creating interiors

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Bathrooms are places of calm where we seek respite from the many demands of everyday life. Our declared aim in designing Bathroom P1 was therefore to conceal the large number of functional and technical devices typically found in a bathroom and thus making room for reflection and contemplation.

Our approach to this task consisted in countering the disturbing multitude of devices with the monolithic calm of monochrome steles. These provide storage space for all the appliances and at the same time integrate the necessary technologies. Moreover, the free-standing bathroom steles provide zoning and sense to the various functions and their corresponding areas.

The steles glow from within and give the sculptural impression of being milled from one block of material. With their monochrome appearance they form a unity within the room. Overall they achieve a pure and harmonious atmosphere, creating a place of peace and calm.

Creating interiors consists in imbuing spaces with apposite, reassuring comfort and orientation. Please get in touch.

Oliver Lang . Project Architect