Great Berlin Wheel

Great Berlin Wheel . Turn the wheel

Stage 1-3 . HOAI
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Berlin . Germany
Shaping the future

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Berlin has its sights set high and offers ever new perspectives.  Our studio, Pott Architects, has been chosen to design the visitors’ terminal of a new landmark in the city, the Great Berlin Wheel at Zoologischer Garten.

 Pott Architects have planned an entrance area to match the filigree wheel construction that will hover above the ground. Dynamism, lightness and movement will be the determining elements in our design of the departure lounge, which will rise up out of its surroundings like a wave and anchor the wheel in its urban setting.

The Great Wheel will reach a height of 186 metres and offer a completely new spatial and visual encounter with the heart of Berlin and the zoo. Enhancing the flight experience with its views of the sights in Berlin, the design of the departure lounge will offer spectacular spatial impressions, provide fresh impetus for the revitalisation of the surrounding neighbourhood and create a new locality in the capital with a special identity of its own.


Shaping the future means having a vision of combining form, function and responsibility in a sustainable way. Ask me.

Jan Przerwa . Project Architect