Haus C

Haus C . A hybrid home

Stage 1-3 . HOAI
Moscow . Russia
Forming Identity

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Living at the lakeside with the inspiring atmosphere of a waterfront panorama has a magic quality. To retreat into this natural environment as a counterbalance to the dynamic city life in Moscow is an ambition which people find especially appealing.

Sharing this attitude, our clients selected a beautiful site in a private residential park with marina, sports-facilities and golf-course to start a dialogue on the topic of their ideal home. The objective was to create a house designed sensitively enough to be in harmony with its natural surroundings and floating along the lakeside. The house was to feel wide open to the changing natural seasons and the sunlight, drawing them close into everyday home life and welcoming guests. A representive building meeting highest quality demands for living, representation, service and leisure.

These multifunctional uses result into an open plan building with sliding walls allowing flexible zoning along the needs of individuals or community. Dealing with the extreme climate conditions, the house uses buffer zones and intelligent services to create a hybrid system capable of functioning sustainability with minimal demand on resources. The hybrid house points the way forward in balancing highest comfort standards with environmental aspects.


Sculpturing individuality means to us a fresh approach to every project in close communication with our clients. Ask me about it.

Anja Schütt . Project Architect