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Light is the dramatic essence of architecture. It is a unique quality of our natural environment, and we strive to use it to maximum effect in all our buildings to enhance the users’ sense of wellbeing. The task of developing artificial lighting for a building is therefore a particular challenge which we have taken on in cooperation with the light manufacturers IDL.

As a pilot project, we developed a universal lighting system that provides basic indirect lighting for office, event and exhibition rooms. Using models, simulations and prototypes, the lighting system was developed into a mature product and integrated, for example, in the old Berlin foundry, which was renovated under our auspices.

Beyond the quantitatively measurable intensity of the light and the external appearance of the light fixtures, we focused on the perceived quality of the light as the decisive factor in the design. Designed to be as visually discreet as possible, the light fixtures are fully aligned to the effect of the light. The lighting system makes the undulated ceiling appear to shine from within, creating a slightly floating impression that permeates the atmosphere and mood of the rooms. The energy-saving electronic light control allows the artificial light to be reduced to a minimum depending on the amount of daylight available. 


Creating interiors consists in imbuing spaces with apposite, reassuring comfort and orientation. Please get in touch.

Oliver Lang . Project Architect