Küche P1

Küche P1 . A communicative kitchen sculpture

Product Design
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Creating interiors

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Kitchens today are much more than just functional spaces. They are for living, meeting and communication. To reconcile the basic functions of a kitchen with these new uses, is a challenge we met with Kitchen P1.

The resulting concept for a kitchen with two independent objects, which seem to grow out of the floor and blend in with the surroundings, is a harmony of monochrome appearance. The lower sideboard-like object is, apart from its functional use, a communicative bar. The higher, cupboard-like object is for storage.
From the outset, the most up-to-date high-quality kitchen technology was an integral part of the design process, seamlessly blending in with the sculptural imagery of the overall concept.
Kitchen P1 offers great flexibility in configuration, colours and materials, ready to meet your individual wishes and standards. In the first realisation of the concept we used smoked oak as a sample surface material for our pilot project Villa Oppenheim on the Baltic island of Usedom.

Creating interiors consists in imbuing spaces with apposite, reassuring comfort and orientation. Please get in touch.

Oliver Lang . Project Architect