Microlofts Berlin

Microlofts Berlin . Flexibility and independence in four walls

Living and Working
Lph 1 - 4 . HOAI
Berlin . Germany
Shaping the future

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Berlin continues to grow by tens of thousands of residents each year meaning available housing space will become more concentrated. At the same time, the living and working circumstances of particularly young people are evolving. Temporary accommodation, nomad workers and job-sharing are the consequence. The architectural trend towards microloft living meets these new demands for flexibility, individuality, independence and compactness.

The Microloft Berlin project is to be developed on the 4,660-sqm listed site of the former US barracks in southern Berlin. The project is an ultramodern complex of houses integrating compact living and working under one roof which meets contemporary demands for the highest quality. Two five-storey building sections form a canyon encircling a green courtyard with a swimming pool as its central meeting point. The view from the 175 mini-apartments faces outward. The individual living elements are slightly offset thus creating a unique and exciting façade. The interior mixes feelings of your own four walls with the comfort of a hotel. Because the mini-lofts are fully furnished and designed to the last detail, they combine the best of both worlds. The modular design principle meets the highest design standards and creates exceptionally high-quality living.

The full-service offer includes a concierge, convenience store and various associated services. The idea of ​​community also plays an important role in this living concept. Numerous communal offers such as a café, a kitchenette, cinema room, fitness area and lounge promote interaction among residents. The heart of the complex also houses common spaces like a garden, terrace, sports area and roof deck which complement the living areas. The new concept of temporary, economical, creative and community life is in demand among students, tutors, freelancers and young professionals - a continually growing group of residents.


Shaping the future means having a vision of combining form, function and responsibility in a sustainable way. Ask me.

Jan Przerwa . Project Architect