Alte Gießerei

Alte Gießerei . A Symbiosis of Old and New

Stage 1-9 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Berlin . Germany
Preserving history

Project Pager

The old foundry in Berlin-Mitte looks back on a history of over two hundred years, in the course of which it has been used for a variety of purposes and undergone many different phases of construction.

As part of the radical urban transformation of Berlin's Scheunenviertel (“stable quarter”), the aim of this project was to revitalize the listed building and prepare it for a new use. Talking to the people and artists living in the area gave us a picture of the building's history, and thus enabled us to take it into the future, while preserving its identity.

The result is a lively symbiosis of old and new, which reveals the building's unique charm and displays a gamut of innovative options in the revitalisation of historical buildings.


Preserving history is, in our view, a process of restructuring, of creating a new experience of the old. Ask me about it.

Peter Buche . Project Architect