Opernlofts . A green living oasis in the center of Berlin

Stage 1-9 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Berlin . Germany
Preserving history

Project Pager

In the midst of one of Berlin’s most sought-after residential areas, Pott Architects are engaged with the sensitive transformation of the former Komische Oper Berlin stage workshops into a green residential ensemble.

We’ve developed a mix of garden maisonettes, light-filled lofts and spacious penthouses within these heritage-listed brick buildings. This scheme generates a total of 6,000 square meters of residences across 50 units of up to 250 square meters each. Crowning the building’s hitherto unused roof, which was built in the year 1900, will be two fully-glazed panorama maisonettes, affording its inhabitants a unique view of Berlin’s landmark-dotted skyline. 
Although this historic ensemble lies in the heart of the city – neighbouring the buzzing area of Weinbergsweg - it benefits from a calm 3,400m2 plot, set in its own courtyard and allowing its inhabitants space for retreat. Two of these courtyards punctuate the six-storey building and its wings and constitute a green haven in the midst of Berlin‘s city centre.

Preserving history is, in our view, a process of restructuring, of creating a new experience of the old. Ask me about it.

Peter Buche . Project Architect