Palais at Postplatz

Palais at Postplatz . Hybrid between history and modern times

Lph 1-4 . HOAI
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Dresden . Germany
Preserving history

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A monolithic new construction frames the old fragments of the former “Oberpostdirektion” and completes the building ensemble on a total of 35.000 square meters.

Up to the beginning of the 2nd world war the Postplatz in Dresden has been characterized by the building of the former “Oberpostdirektion” and the neighboring telegraph office. The new monolithic buildings with generous loggias follow the structure of the historical continuance and express themselves as a modern interpretation of the site specific architecture.

Together with the existing stock they represent a fascinating symbiosis even though the old fragments are preserved and still visible. The seven-storey apartment and office building which consists 227 residential and commercial units in total forms a harmonious architectural ensemble by using homogeneous materials and develops the old postal place into a harmonious architectural ensemble for modern living in historical surroundings. 


Preserving history is, in our view, a process of restructuring, of creating a new experience of the old. Ask me about it.

Peter Buche . Project Architect