Santaverde Academy

Santaverde Academy . An academy for a sustainable way of life

Research . Science
Stage 1-9 . HOAI
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Estepona . Spain
Shaping the future

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The Finca Verde of the Gesellschaft für Naturprodukte Santaverde stands on the southernmost tip of Spain where Europe and Africa are little more than a stone’s throw apart.

This is an ideal spot to grow the ancient medicinal plant, Aloe vera. The sun shines on Andalusia most of the year, ensuring lush vegetation that is not exposed to the risk of cold and frost. Twenty years ago, the first plants were put in the ground on the slopes of the finca facing the sea; now they are being processed by hand and turned into natural products.

Following talks with the producers and workers it was agreed that the existing production process should be set in architectural surroundings that would match the traditional style of the finca while integrating the open Aloe vera fields and the cool production sites. A path was laid out on the site enabling visitors to discover interesting aspects of the cultivation, manufacture and properties of the Aloe vera products. The entire property was thus transformed into a lively open presentation area making the production process transparent.


Shaping the future means having a vision of combining form, function and responsibility in a sustainable way. Ask me.

Jan Przerwa . Project Architect