Studio Lofts

Studio Lofts . Focus on the budget

Stage 1-9 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Hamburg . Germany
Designing to Budget

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For the project Studio Lofts we already determined the total building costs for specific parts during in the planning phase and kept to these provisions throughout the project‘s realisation.

The features we emphasised in terms of costs consisted in the construction of a new roof sheated with metal shingles on the exterior and for the internal construction in a variety of areas such as a new design for overhead lights.
The wall surfaces of the existing interior spaces were left relatively untreated and bare. They were designed with the simplest of means such as using Roman lime on brick. The remaining parts of the building such as the existing exterior walls were furnished with well-priced, full heat insulation. 
A precise, predetermined laying pattern of the uniform metal shingles allowed us to master the multiple overlapping of the roof surfaces to the very highest standard. The use of this material, which is easily manipulated on site, was moreover helpful in the speedy technical execution of the project.

Designing to budget is a question of balancing standards of highest quality with cost-efficieny. Ask me about it.

Andre Burmann . Project Architect