SL Office Lights

SL Office Lights . Radiant prisms of light

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A stimulating atmosphere in a modern work space was the aim of creating SL office lights.

Awareness of the import light has for the users‘ well-being coupled with the aspiration of a cost-efficient and functional industrial design lead to a minimal solution developed from an understanding of spectral light distribution. 
We design a universal lighting system for a pilot project, which can be used as a glare-free, direct, basic lighting for offices, event and exhibition spaces. Through simulations and prototypes the lighting system was developed into a mature product. It is already used by Studio Lofts in Hamburg, among others. Electronic light control and prism elements allow a reduction in the use of artificial light relative to available daylight and hence to conserve energy.
SL Office Lights are a product development in cooperation with the lighting manufacturer IDL.

Creating interiors consists in imbuing spaces with apposite, reassuring comfort and orientation. Please get in touch.

Oliver Lang . Project Architect