Villa H

Villa H . Understand the past to shape the future

Stage 1-3 . HOAI
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Potsdam . Germany
Forming Identity

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With unparalleled views over the lake to Sacrow peninsula , the Villa H is the only manson in Potsdam's suburb of Nauen that was built directly on the bank of the Jungfernsee.

At the heart of Potsdam’s cultural landscape, surrounded by royal palaces and gardens, the property is located in the Bertinistrasse, which distinguishes itself by the early 20th century grand old mansions of the Private Bankers Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Stark and Herbert. Following its latest conversion to an impressive Bauhaus Villa during the late 1920s, the story of this once socially significant site ended with its utilization as a Data center during the period of the German Democratic Republic. Most recently, an extended period of vacancy accelerated the destruction of this former avant-garde building; a rescue became untenable.

Pott architects received the assignment of grafting a new cubature on the historic silhouette.  What will now  originate is a private estate that will not only emphasize design values, but make reference to the original constructional context.

Sculpturing individuality means to us a fresh approach to every project in close communication with our clients. Ask me about it.

Anja Schütt . Project Architect