Villa Starck

Villa Starck . Regeneration of an old identity

Stage 1-9 . HOAI
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Potsdam . Germany
Preserving history

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In the heart of the Unesco World Heritage area in Potsdam, next to the castles Cecilienhof and Sanssouci, the old Villa Starck is beautifully located on the waterfront. The surroundings are filled with the very spirit of German culture and building history that without doubt needed to be respected in our approach for a revitalization of this listed building.

The dialogue with the heritage authorities and a full research into the people that used to live in the villa provided us with a picture of the building‘s history, and thus enabled us to take it into the future while preserving its identity. In a dynamic planning process, new standards were defined for a critical reconstruction of the old which allowed omitting parts of low quality and a careful change to the buildings’ proportions. To meet people’s future demands for high quality residential environment, the interior space planning integrates all components up to the detail of the tailor-made lighting.

The result is a careful regeneration of the old which reveals the building‘s unique details in façade, parts of the interior decoration as well as a new interior planning inspired by the people that used to live in the villa. 


Preserving history is, in our view, a process of restructuring, of creating a new experience of the old. Ask me about it.

Peter Buche . Project Architect