Wannseeterrassen . A traditional place for a grand day out

Stage 1-3 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Berlin . Germany
Preserving history

Project Pager

Weekend outings are an established part of life in big cities. Every city has its popular retreats and what the Coney Islands are to New York, the Wannsee is to Berlin.

Berlin’s lakeside Strandbad Wannsee and the Wannseeterrassen first acquired their legendary status in the 1930s. A turbulent history with repeated destruction by fire ultimately consigned the Wannseeterrassen to history in 2001. On the request of a prospective operator, we developed an overall concept for the new Wannseeterrassen on the old location.

The aim was to provide a sophisticated venue for premium excursion and event gastronomy, which has its own identity but picks up on the traditional Berlin pub. Walkers, athletes, families and those seeking a bit of peace and quiet will in future be able to enjoy an unparalleled view over the Wannsee.


Preserving history is, in our view, a process of restructuring, of creating a new experience of the old. Ask me about it.

Peter Buche . Project Architect