We see architecture as more than simply building. Its forms evolve through a process of listening and replying, as a response to an exchange of ideas. Architecture as a dialogue means challenging assumptions, designing in sympathy with the environmental context, and understanding the human needs that underpin our clients’ wishes. 



Pott Architects provide consultation, design, and project realisation. Dialogue with our clients is the foundation of our architecture; your ideas and your requirements are always the first principles of our designs.


At the heart of every Pott Architects project is a nuanced and sophisticated response to both the specific demands of the client and the context in which our work will be set. This involves grasping opportunities and rising to the challenges we set ourselves. We integrate the individual conceptions of our clients and users in order to create custom-made spaces of the highest quality and living standards.


Enthusiasm, daring, and flexibility are the hallmarks of our practice. Our architecture is the result of an open and dynamic process, the search for a total design solution that balances the unique needs of each project. We are passionate about making a valuable contribution to the built environment with each of our structures and designs.