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Ingo Pott is the studio director at Pott Architects. He applies his experience in architecture together with his cultural commitments to successful, custom-made buildings.

While still a student, he was part of Norman Foster‘s team that transformed the Reichstag into the seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag. He was the architect responsible for the design and execution of the Reichstag’s new dome. After the Reichstag project, he became an associate at Foster and Partners in Berlin und London and for several years held leading positions in various of the office‘s projects.
Ingo Pott realised early on that the future of architecture can only be found in dialogue with people, with culture and science. In 2000 he and two partners founded the cultural forum C/O Berlin in order to promote the exchange between architecture, design and photography. At Forum C/O Berlin, he is particularly interested in the exchange with children and youths who undergo a visual education in the creative workshops.
He conceives of architecture as a social art form. This means to build with and around people and their individual requirements. This creates an architecture that is forward-facing, that continues to engage in and anticipate aspects of social change. This new way of thinking about architecture, its development and realisation, is to affect society in a positive way.
Ingo Pott has received numerous awards. Among others, he was awarded the Rudolf Lodders prize in architecture at the age of 25 and in 2000 he received the ECSS European-Design-Award. He is a registered member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects as well as the Federal Foundation of Building Culture.