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Michael Cornelsen has nearly 20 years’ experience as an architect working on the most demanding, national and international projects. He completed part of his studies in Barcelona, worked in various cities throughout Germany and spent two years in London.

As a project manager at GRAFT Architects, Michael Cornelsen was responsible for realizing the construction of several exclusive villas as well as a sculptural and complex hotel project in Dubai. In London, among other things, he designed the master plan for a new urban district for BDP Architects. His extensive experience also includes planning exceptional spa and wellness facilities, and he is a knowledgeable specialist in façade design.

At the studio of Pott Architects, Michael Cornelsen is currently working on the Haus Koenigssee project, an ultramodern, monolithic, live-in sculpture on the banks of the Koenigssee in the Grunewald district of Berlin. For Michael Cornelsen, good architecture is characterized by a stylistic approach that also finds expression in the smallest detail.