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Sandro Broel-Plater is an expert in the development of energy-efficient building shells. At the Pott Architects studio, he is responsible for the field of green construction.

After his degree in architecture he was involved in the planning of the Volkswagen Design Centre in Potsdam. In cooperation with the famous office of Oscar Niemeyer he designed a large outdoor swimming pool.
Over the last few years, Sandro has developed building shells that maintain a fine balance of technical and design requirements and represent a high-quality contribution to sustainable architecture. He was project manager for a wide spectrum of projects, such as the realisation of the office concept Studio Lofts in Hamburg and the conversion and construction of Hotel Stadtpalais in Cologne. At the moment he is in charge of the Opera Lofts project, a conversion of a historic complex into spacious lofts and penthouses Berlin-Mitte. 
Sandro Broel-Plater is a registered member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects.