Our team is able to provide personal support to individual projects every step of the way and works together with carefully chosen specialist planners and consultants in different fields.


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Studio Management

In her position as Studio Manager, Tatjana Saraco is responsible for all administrative and financial matters, for all controlling, communication and human resource concerns.  In addition to these responsibilties, Tatjana also oversees the corporate design.

Tatjana  Saraco has gained extensive professional experience both nationally and internationally.  She  has worked for the mangement board of the agricultral corporation, Syngenta, which is part of the pharmaceutical corporation Novartis.  After serveral years abroad and moving to Berlin, Tatjana started working as assistant to the management board of the coroprate group, United Land.  Here Tatjana was able to gain expericence in the construction and real estate - project development sector.

In order to successfully contribute on an international level, Tatjana Saraco visited business english classes at the Inlingua Language School in Basel for serveral years.

Tatjana Saraco works alongside Ingo Pott in managing the studio and supports him in all important operative matters.