Haus P

Haus P . Villa of light and air

Stage 1-3 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
South Germany
Forming Identity

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The Haus P estate in Karlsruhe shows how a panoramic landscape to the north with light from behind can be made into a virtue of necessity. This wooden building is oriented to the breathtaking highest level, is developed along the natural topography of the slope on four residential floors and benefits from natural sunlight emanating from several light bars. The aesthetics of the glazed building have grown from its environment and the needs of residents - an individual family with the highest demands.

The networked home interior is divided horizontally into three living and wellness levels. In accordance with the house-in-house principle, the spatial concept is flexible, convertible and usable and can grow and thrive with the family. Individual areas are located to the east and west, with generous common areas integrated into the heart of the building. The house melts into its surroundings and is open on all sides. The living area extends outside through exits on each level and includes terraces ideal for sunbathing, cooking and playing, a barbecue area and sundeck.

The entire design is the product of a process-oriented method. Detailed analyses of the site, optimum use of the conditions and a design tailor-made to meet the wishes of the building owners has resulted in a structure unique in form and features. Inside, the house comes to life with staged, framed views of its surroundings - all rooms offer panoramic views of the beautiful landscape. The refined orientation to the light, rooms lit from the rear and glazed staircases form the transparent foundation of the property. An interior design of the highest quality, a showroom for the vintage car collection with visual reference to the wellness and pool area and the communicative, representative entrance area round off its high-class image.

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Anja Schütt . Project Architect