Haus W

Haus W . Case study facade

Stage 1-9 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Berlin . Germany
Designing to Budget

Project Pager

Commissioned by a family of four from Berlin, we have developed Haus W subject to the condition to realise the individual residential building in a cost-conscious yet high-quality way.

By using, among other things, copper – an extremely durable and low-maintenance material – as façade cladding we were able to do justice to the idea of preserving the aesthetics of the building as a whole and at the same time achieve sustainability. 

The purported contradiction of building in a cost-conscious way and use relatively expensive materials such as copper, is put in perspective when taking into account the life-cycle of a façade made of the material. Thus, for example, the maintenance of the high-quality material is reduced by a large factor in comparison to a seemingly more inexpensive façade cladding. Cost-conscious construction, in this context, means concentrating on the quality and durability of a shell – a building for all eternity.

Designing to budget is a question of balancing standards of highest quality with cost-efficieny. Ask me about it.

Andre Burmann . Project architect