Kunst Campus

Kunst Campus . Iconic architecture with focus on cost efficiency

Master Plan
Stage 1-5 . HOAI
Size NFA/sqm: 
Berlin . Germany
Designing to Budget

Project Pager

The main task in developing a master plan for the Art Campus Berlin consited in bestowing a new identity and quality to the former industrial estate to the North of Berlin Central Station. The site was given a new lease of life with the exhibition forum Halle am Wasser, the first step towards a permanent cultural use.

The tight budget restriction to this project were realised purposefully and efficiently for the development of a new, homogeneous shell of an existing hall building. The building itself was to undergo only minimal changes on account of budgetary restrictions, leaving only the necessary technical changes as well as a small degree of restoration.
A simple pre-fabricated steel frame construction was fixed to the exterior wall and serves as carrier to the new shell. Truck canvas of varying translucence, letting in light through the windows, were fitted to the mounted frame construction. The geometrical form of the underlying construction and the surface covering now determine the shape and form of the shell.

Designing to budget is a question of balancing standards of highest quality with cost-efficieny. Ask me about it.

Andre Burmann . Project Architect