We develop all of our projects through a process of dialogue with our clients. From the very first idea to the completed building, we offer advice appropriate to the needs and requirements of our clients in Germany and abroad.



Your individual requirements deserve a customised solution: whether residential building, strategic urban planning, sensitive refurbishments of monuments, buildings for art and culture, suitable interior design, work environments fit for communication or even product design that makes a difference – the depth and breadth of our knowledge are at your disposal. All services are provided in accordance with the HOAI (Official scale of fees for services by architects and engineers). We provide services with a modular approach, according to the tasks at hand.


To achieve a successful project result it is essential to discuss and agree on the objectives of each project stage. Four modules – conception, planning, realisation and supervision – map the essential steps of the overall process and focus on the requirements of each phase. This modular approach guarantees the successful implementation of your vision.

Design modules

Conception stands for the development of a central idea guiding the entire project, which we develop from a dialogue with our clients. It determines the project's feasibility in terms of all of its relevant design parameters.
Planning represents a varied and exciting discourse determining the final appearance of the entire project. It secures building permissions and economic viability.
Realisation determines technical as well as design details, develops the ideas and concepts into texture and materiality until they become sufficiently mature for building, which is then communicated by call for tenders to the respective construction companies.
Supervision safeguards the efficient construction and quality-control right to the date of handing over the building to its user. The focus here is placed on a firm legal, contractual basis, continuous supervision of construction and a healthy respect for deadlines and costs.


We support young families who are trying to establish a well-rounded home. We advise indipendent thinkers in designing a residence which suits them precisely. We design custom products with brand-name manufacturers. Our interior design for modern work environments reflect our dialogue with emerging, developing companies and enterprises. Entering interdisciplinary discourses with key-players from the creative industries we create exhibition designs and realise buildings designed for cultural purposes. For investors and developers, we design landmark projects of extraordinary iconic quality. We are consultants to international authorities and administrative bodies in devising urban master plans as well as the development of major strategic civic projects.


Aside from specific projects, we are glad to offer both consultation and mediation services in all areas of design to companies, private individuals and colleagues. We address your individual requirements from product edition to signature architecture. Please get in touch.